Paradigm RKS™ — Third Party Assessment

In 2018, Paradigm was reviewed by an independent third-party. The methodology used included:

  • Technology Review: To ensure platform is state-of-the-art
  • Business Process Review: Reviewed 12 use case categories to ensure compliance
  • Subject Matter Review: Reviewed internal SME knowledge to ensure platform can be delivered

A. Plan adoption On-line
B. Initial Data Seeding
C. Initial data Validation
D. Plan Sponsor Portal
E. Participant Level Portal
F. Financial Advisor Portal
G. Participant Level Communications
H. Plan Level Communications
I. Plan Hierarchy
J. Daily Pricing Nightly Cycle
K. Contribution Processing
L. Loan Processing
M. Withdrawal Processing
N. Technology Review
O. Time to Market

Why the Paradigm Solution Makes Sense

  • The platform is focused on self service
  • System framework exceeds industry standards
  • Automation provides for decreased conversion timelines
  • Employers and participants have the required tools at their finger tips
  • Thoughtful portal experience for employers, participants and financial advisors
  • Automated plan and participant processing
  • With some enhancements, changes in scalability are possible, with the ability to handle up to 4K lives per plan
  • Ready to handle a GTM strategy

Current System Offerings